Procellular 365

The 1st line of DIBI MILANO DERMOBIOTICS, scientifically formulated for the re-generation and re-coding of the skin network.

Procellular 365 Peeling Cleaner

Skin is soft and silky.

Micellar formula that cleanses the skin gently and in depth while maintaining its pH. Carries out an effective peeling action without being aggressive on the skin, leaving it soft and silky to the touch. Designed for all skin which is fragile and sensitized by its very nature, due to age, or following aesthetic medicine treatments. Does not contain fragrance or colorants.

Micellar formula.

Soothing, emollient and protective active ingredient.

The Science


A powerful prebiotic and selective nutrient for the skin, which acts as a restorer on the epidermis, promoting resistance to external aggressions.

ALOE EXTRACT: Extracted from the Aloe Barbadensis plant, with soothing and moisturizing properties.
ALLANTOIN: Soothing, emollient and protective active ingredient.MATRIKINES:
These youth peptides are cellular messengers which stimulate collagen production and help to repair damaged skin.


Other Products


Rich cream with an antioxidant, renewing and nourishing action on the epidermis. Proven effectiveness: youth-enhancing, stimulates cellular longevity


A miraculous texture that combines the nourishing power of a cream with the gentle, sensory feel of a serum.


Two intensive treatment phases in a single product: an oily phase, concentrated in selected antioxidant and emollient plant ingredients, combined with an active water phase with soothing, protective and youth-enhancing action

Events & Demos

Brown Cow, Carrickmines (Dublin)
(Skin Analysis promotional day on the 27th March)

The Beauty Room, Portlaoise (Laois)
(Skin Analysis promotional day on the 3rd April)

Lorraines Beauty Salon, Barna (Galway)
(Skin Analysis promotional day on the 5th April)

Nina's Nail & Beauty, Abbeyland (Cavan)
(Skin Analysis promotional day on the 18th April)

Glow Beauty, Wicklow Town (Wicklow)
(Skin Analysis promotional day on the 4th May)