Pure Equalizer

Purifying the pores deep down and fighting obstruction.

Mattifying Biocellulose Mask

A revolutionary structure

Cream cleanser to remove impurities efficiently, leaving all types of skin hydrated.


Complex with hydrating, regenerating and refreshing properties able to naturally contrast epidermal dryness. To revitalize the skin and re-establish a correct hydro-lipid cutaneous film.

The Science

Hydrating Molecular Film

Green Tea Extract for Soothing action with a revolutionary structure that enables it to fit snugly to the face.


Other Products

Cleanising Powder 2 in 1

An innovative powder which, when mixed with water, transforms into a soft cleanser.

Biphasic Stringent Toner

Bi-phase toning lotion. The liquid phase purifies and tightens the pores, counteracting obstruction.

Mattifying Biocellulose Mask

The innovative biocellulose mask rebalances sebum production and refines the skin texture

Moisturizing Mattifying Fluid +24H

Mattifying and moisturizing fluid specifically for combination and oily skin.

Events & Demos

Hair & Beauty by Helen, Balla (Mayo)
(Skin Analysis promotional day on the 18th October)

The Ivy Wellness & Beauty Salon, Newtown (Waterford)
(Skin Analysis promotional day on the 6th November)

Pure Perfection, Fintona (Tyrone)
(Skin Analysis promotional day on the 15th November)