Face Perfection

The skin texture is refined and the complexion is radiant and even-looking, visibly transformed in an instant.

Flash Perfector

A Soft, delicate cream

Cream cleanser to remove impurities efficiently, leaving all types of skin hydrated.

Silky texture

An essence with a silky texture that reduces the visibility of pores “ in a flash”, giving the complexion a smooth, even-looking and flawless appearance. Smoothes fine lines and gives a matte and velvety finish.

The Science


A complex multifunctional molecule which integrates the natural defense mechanisms of epidermal stem cells through a cutting edge carrier that ensures the effectiveness of the active ingredient carried with.


Other Products

Daily UV Shield

A pleasant, lightweight and fast-absorbing texture. A genuine youth-enhancing tool that protects the skin against enviro

Youth Cream Cleanser

Cream cleanser with a soft texture that eliminates impurities and traces of makeup with maximum delicacy.

Youth Bi-Phase Tonic

Bi-phase tonic that gives the skin an immediate sensation of freshness that completes your daily cleansing.

Events & Demos

Hair & Beauty by Helen, Balla (Mayo)
(Skin Analysis promotional day on the 18th October)

The Ivy Wellness & Beauty Salon, Newtown (Waterford)
(Skin Analysis promotional day on the 6th November)

Pure Perfection, Fintona (Tyrone)
(Skin Analysis promotional day on the 15th November)