Hydra Perfection

Hydrating, nutrient and elasticizing properties.

Eye Area Extreme Hydration Kit

Fresh and light textured gel

Intensely hydrating* and nutrient day and night eye area treatment kit.
DAY: An extremely hydrating cream for daytime use for a fresh and luminous glance.
NIGHT: An extremely hydrating cream-mask for a nighttime treatment that lends extreme moisture and nourishment to your skin.

Hydrating and illuminating action

A complex of active ingredients that self-adjusts skin hydration in all types of climatic conditions acting directly on the receptors that generate and regulate hydration and nourishment.
CAFFEINE EXTRACT: This active ingredient aids in the drainage of liquid accumulation, allowing for the rapid elimination of stagnant liquids.

The Science

Hydrating Molecular Film

A marine based ingredient, specific for the eye area, able to combat or attenuate dark under-eye circles.


Other Products

Extreme Hydration Cream

Intensely hydrating and nutrient cream with a rich, velvety texture.

Extreme Hydration Concentrate

Concentrated moisturizing serum that quenches the skin’s thirst for a boost of hydration and extreme youthfulness.

Extreme Hydration Gel

Moisturizing gel with a surprising texture that hydrates with freshness. Ideal for men, too.

Events & Demos

Hair & Beauty by Helen, Balla (Mayo)
(Skin Analysis promotional day on the 18th October)

The Ivy Wellness & Beauty Salon, Newtown (Waterford)
(Skin Analysis promotional day on the 6th November)

Pure Perfection, Fintona (Tyrone)
(Skin Analysis promotional day on the 15th November)