Hydra Perfection

Hydrating, nutrient and elasticizing properties.

Extrme Hydration Cream

Intensely hydrating and nutrient cream with a rich, velvety texture.

Protects, nourishes and comforts skin that is particularly dehydrated and dry, offering long-lasting hydration.

Cream with a rich, velvety texture

A complex of active ingredients that self-adjusts skin hydration in all types of climatic conditions acting directly on the receptors that generate and regulate hydration and nourishment. Intervenes in the regulation of the level of hydration of the cutaneous tissues thanks to its particular capacity to bind a remarkable number of water molecules.

The Science

Hydrating Molecular Film

Hydrating, nutrient and elasticizing properties.


Other Products

Extreme Hydration Concentrate

Concentrated moisturizing serum that quenches the skin’s thirst for a boost of hydration and extreme youthfulness.

Eye Area Extreme Kit

Intensely hydrating* and nutrient day and night eye area treatment kit.

Extreme Hydration Gel

Moisturizing gel with a surprising texture that hydrates with freshness. Ideal for men, too.

Events & Demos

Hair & Beauty by Helen, Balla (Mayo)
(Skin Analysis promotional day on the 18th October)

The Ivy Wellness & Beauty Salon, Newtown (Waterford)
(Skin Analysis promotional day on the 6th November)

Pure Perfection, Fintona (Tyrone)
(Skin Analysis promotional day on the 15th November)